A funny thing happened on the way to the proposal…

I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions – I tend to leave my existential crisis for my birthday in February.   I also wasn’t enrolled in any classes in the Fall 2008 semester, so I don’t have an end-of-semester report on my courses to offer you.   What I had been hoping to tell you was that the dissertation proposal was behind me and that I was moving onto the dissertation itself.   I’d always had some reservations whether Fall 2008 was a realistic target, and circumstances have proved those hunches were correct. Expect to see something in the Spring 2009 term.

I’ve  decided to take a step back from the collection ontology development that I talked about earlier.  While I still feel that this would be a do-able project, I’m not so sure it would have a broad impact as a solo project (thanks to some helpful advice from colleagues).  Instead, I’m hoping that my research can inform conversations about collections within existing forums and standards groups.

The funny thing about blogging your way to a dissertation is that the path ahead is not always obvious.  So probably you’ll see less direct discussion here about the proposal – until it’s done. I’m particularly keen on looking more closely at the kind of scholarly communication taking place in LIS, museum studies and digital humanities blogs finding a place for Inherent Vice in those conversations – rather than being something of a monologue of what I’m up to (twitter seems to do a better job at that anyway).

Although I can’t say that 2008 was a terrible year, I’m glad its behind me and am looking forward to moving ahead in 2009.