Hai. I is blinding u wit libsci

Teh internetz stole another mai ideaz.

I iz read’n 2 much LOL today. Tnx bb.

I has 2 much skool’n. Can I has break now?

LOLMuzeum anyone?


Best I could do on short notice…not lots of “in gallery” pix in my photos.

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One thought on “Hai. I is blinding u wit libsci

  1. Yeah, I love that Questionable Content t-shirt. It inspired me to make this one, but frankly, I can’t even get that enthusiastic about my own design because the QC guy did it so much better. Plus QC is one of the best web comics ever.

    You LOLZeus is nice. It adheres well to the formula for Invisible Item photographs as defined here.

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