Google’s Car Stolen, $25 Taken

The Washington Post

Mar 23, 1923
Trio Captured at Laurel After Wrecking Car of C. H. Google
Got $25 Also.

Robbed of his automobile and $25 and tied to a tree on the State road 5 miles north of Laurel by three youthful bandits, who then escaped in the car, Charles H. Google, of Mount Washington Heights, was released fifteen minutes after his imprisonment yesterday afternoon by a passing motorist, who notified the State police of the crime.

This is what you get if you search the Google News Archive Search of historic newspapers for “google.” Before moving on from CDP we had digitized over 250,000 pages of historic newspapers using the Olive software and digitization process. Thanks to funding from IMLS, the Colorado State Library and contributions from local libraries every page was free. The Google archive is a partnership with several for-profit organizations like Pro-Quest and ThompsonGale {see news release here) and individual papers like the Guardian. Free content is included, although my quick search mostly turned up mostly subscription and pay-per-view articles. The brief snippets of free news were usually enough to glean some good information out of the archive. I’m sure he genealogists will be all atwitter about this in no time. It is a little difficult to get a sense of what the archive covers, other than actually conducting a search to see what comes up. Being able to see exactly which papers are included from what time periods would be helpful. The drill-down date menu is a little clunky, but the “timeline” feature is pretty nifty. One wonders what this will mean for projects like CHNP and the National Digital Newspaper Program and whether publicly funded content will be included. My prediction for what’s next: historic google adWords – type in a search for “coke” and get a 1935 coke advert in the sidebar!!!

More to comes as I have time to play with this. For now, back to reading about printing in early modern Europe…

P.S. This is for you Taunja – “Mrs. Jim Atkinson, the former Ann Doty, was ImnuJ with a wedding shower at the home of Mrs. Aaolph METADATA
The Deming Headlight on Thursday, August 22, 1957

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