Suggested Donation

Suggested Donation is a new (to me) blog that talks about LAMs and “and the poor suffering lot who work in them,” As you can tell news is served with a nice side of sarcasm. (Can I get fries with that?)

Commenting on a new report showing that the Smithsonian’s gift shops aren’t very efficient or a good ROI:

 “Next up: Barnes and Noble claims that only they can “right the ship” of the woe-fully inefficient and unprofitable Library of Congress.” 

Haven’t read the report yet, but one can only imagine having to run everything like a Urban Outfitters (and didn’t we already have this conversation in the 90s?).   Although I know lots of people who would prefer to give their money for retro hipster goodness to SI instead of UO.   Oooo….yes! Forget the Folklife Festival – I want a Maker Fair on the Mall – sponsored by NMAH/NASM!


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